Labor & Delivery & Fresh 48 FAQ’S

When Should I Schedule My Session?
Scheduling is suggested as soon as you know you want one. I suggest booking in advance! I suggest this because I will block out my schedule just for you. I normally reserve a few days before and after just incase baby decides to come early or late. 

When and Where Will it Take Place?
The session will take place at your birth center! Haha -- of course! Unless you're deciding to do a home birth.

What do you think makes Labor & Delivery | Fresh 48 so special?
This type of session is special because there are very few (if any) things more raw, important and emotional in life than having a baby.  You'll get raw images of the action and what's going on. For a lot of moms and parents the first couple of hours and days after delivery can be a blur because of all the changes, actual labor, and post delivery. Daddies don't have time to capture every moment. They want to be there by your side holding your hand and watching as your bundle of joy arrives. I want you to REMEMBER how beautiful the two of you looked as brand new parents. I want you to REMEMBER how it felt to look at your brand new baby and to DETAIL how fresh and new they looked just coming into the world. There’s nothing like it.

Do I need permission from the hospital?
Please ask and ensure photographers are allowed. In almost all cases they are treated as just a visitor so it’s generally okay. 

Can I book a L&D Fresh 48 and Newborn session?
Yes, please! They are perfect compliments to each other. 

How soon do I contact you once I know I am about to have a baby after contractions have started?
Please please please, if contractions have started and you're on the way to the hospital, send me a text or a call! Once you're 6-7cm dilated, the daddies call me to notify me to come up to the hospital. Once you hit 7cm, you can get to 10cm in any minute!!! 

How long will you be there?
I will be there roughly an hour give or take. If pushing takes awhile, I'll still be there! I will also be there a little after to take photos of your newborn once he or she enters the world. I'll take some skin-to-skin photos!

Do you charge by time spent at site or a flat rate for “session”?
Nope, it's flat rate. You never know how long or short. I'll be there to capture the memories for you! 


What if labor takes longer than expected? 
It’s cool! Just let me know when your little bug arrives and we can schedule from there – regardless of labor length.

What is documentary style?
Basically, it’s visual storytelling. There is little to no posing involved and the intention is to capture subjects naturally. It means that I’m not likely to interrupt a beautiful moment to move one hair out of your face or tell you to tilt your head a different way, and that’s okay. Don’t worry, I will still help guide the session but you will hear me saying “pretend I’m not here”.

What if my baby needs to be in the NICU?
In this event we will stay in touch and it is handled on a case-by-case basis. We may need to work with hospital staff to find out what we are and aren’t able to do. In the event that I am unable to photograph the Fresh 48 as planned due to these circumstances your deposit will be applied to a future session.

Will my photos/identity be private?
ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS. This session is PRIVATE. If I wanted to share something, I'll ask before posting! However, these are for mom and dad keepsake only!!!

What do recommend for best way to order photos since they are telling a story rather than looking for that one perfect portrait to get the most out of the session?
An album is the PERFECT companion for this session. Nothing beats being able to touch and hold those precious images whenever you want instead of having to pull them up on a electronic device. 4×6 or 5×7 proof boxes are also available for loose prints. These items are available at a discount if pre-purchased with your package or available a la carte after your session.

Anything special (regarding the photos) I would need to bring with to the hospital?
Babies look great in just a diaper or a white onesie. Pack an extra shirt for dad just in case (grey, white, black or neutrals look best) and if you’d like basic makeup such as chapstick, mascara and blush. You certainly don’t need to wear makeup for the session but some moms like to freshen up a little.

What if deliver early?
Contractually I am on-call and available to you for 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after your estimated due date. If you deliver earlier than that time-frame I will make every effort to still be available to you.

What is your cancellation policy?
A down payment is required to hold your spot, and if you cancel, this is non-refundable and the payment can be used to a future session.

If you can’t make it due to strange timing or an unexpected emergency medical problem, will I get a refund?
Certainly! A full refund of your deposit will be given in this situation or applied towards a different session type.

Will hospital staff be in the pictures?
I photograph everything. Sometimes, no, they are not in there. But I normally get all the action!