What if I need to reschedule?

We always ask our clients to not make any bookings that would refrain us from photographing, but sometimes, something comes up. That's life!

If you’re rescheduling your photo session due to inclement weather, we will work to find a date close to your original booking date! Every client session is given one free re-schedule (if that reschedule is due to inclement weather, Covid-19, or emergencies).

If the session is rescheduled a second time, there will be a $50 rescheduling fee. Each reschedule past the first free reschedule will incur a rescheduling fee. (Sick or inclement bad weather, no charge.)


The original time you scheduled was taken off the calendar and reserved for you – which means that it was unavailable for someone else to book that time. As a photographer, you want to make sure you are available to help as many people as you can. If one client reschedules 4 times, that’s four sessions that became unavailable for other clients. This is especially frustrating for clients who are on the wait list for a session time. It's important to try as hard as you can to stick to the original date.

First Reschedule: $0
Second Reschedule: $50
Third Reschedule: $75
Fourth Reschedule: Subject to Cancellation - all fees are nonrefundable


Smith books her mini session for $250. She pays her $50 scheduling/deposit fee and then pays the remaining $200 on her session date.

DISASTER STRIKES and 2 days before the photo session, Smith checks the weather and sees that it’s going to be raining MOST OF THE DAY on the day of her session.

She decides she doesn’t want to chance it, and re-books with Brooke and is charged $0 to move her date to a different day that week where the forecast looks a little more promising.

They get to the day before the session and DISASTER STRIKES AGAIN – Smith got a bad haircut.

She calls Brooke to reschedule again. This time, Smith is billed a $50 rescheduling fee because it is her second time rescheduling her photography session. Smith understands because she knows the reasoning behind it, and also knows that Brooke is very excited to take her family pictures!

Finally, the big day arrives and Smith has her long awaited photo session! She gets her digital gallery delivered to her email inbox and loves the pictures!